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Taxpayers can file the traditional paper tax returns with Colorado Department of Revenue.  The Tax returns are to be sent to:

    State of Colorado
    Department of Revenue
    Denver, CO 80261-0005

Most Colorado FULL-year residents who have not changed their address in the last year can file their Colorado income tax by telephone.  It is relatively simple, free, accurate, available 24 hours a day, and typically results in faster refunds.  To TELEFILE, follow these instructions:

A. Fill out your Colorado income tax form completely.

B. Call the Colorado Department of Revenue, numbers listed below, and use the keypad on a touchtone telephone to enter the line numbers and amounts that you filled in on the tax form.

C. After you have entered the information, wait on the line for a confirmation of your filing and keep the confirmation number.

    The telephone numbers to call for TELEFILE are as follows:        

Colorado Springs  (719) 592-0225
Pueblo  (719) 542-2681
Denver Metro Area  (303) 238-3278 (Use also from outside Colorado)
Fort Collins  (970) 282-7950
Grand Junction  (970) 243-0664
All other areas  (877) 835-3453 (Toll Free)


Colorado tax filers can file their Colorado tax return over the Internet.  NetFile may be used anyone with an e-mail address who must file a Colorado individual income tax return.   A NetFile return can be submitted whether a refund is due or a payment is owed.   It is free, accurate, available 24 hours a day, and results in quicker tax refunds.   You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or greater, and Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape 3.0 or greater.  You will receive your user ID number from the NetFile Web site, since a new user ID number is set up each year.  You will need to have available the same basic information that you provide on the paper tax forms including your W-2, W-2G and 1099 forms that report Colorado income tax withholding. 

To NetFile, follow these instructions:

A. Access the NetFile Web site on the Internet at  www.taxcolorado.com to obtain your user ID number for 2004.
B. Follow the instructions to fill out your Colorado Form 104, along with Forms 104CR, 104PN, 104AMT, if necessary.
C. Submit your tax return to the Colorado Department of Revenue through the Internet.
D. You will receive a confirmation number via e-mail shortly after filing and print this number out for reference.

You should print a copy of your tax return as filed for your records.   If you need to send a payment for a balance due, print out the voucher, Form DR0900, 2004 individual Income Tax Payment Voucher for Electronic Filers, Telefilers and NetFilers and enclose the form when you mail in your tax payment.  This form is also available in the Colorado Form 104 tax brochure or online through the Colorado Department of Revenue website.


At our clients request, Sanders and Associates, P.C. can electronically file Colorado individual income tax returns for our clients when we prepare the tax returns.  Electronic filing can be completed up to the due date of the tax returns, including any extensions.

NOTE: We do not electronically file tax returns self-prepared by taxpayers or tax returns prepared by another "paid preparer". 

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